Shrimps and venison are at the top of the list.

We already tested the shrimps as a treat with our last order and were pleasantly surprised that they were well received.
Our dog refuses normal shrimps from the freezer, but he loves the dry version.
He recently had to take medication and we skilfully hid the tablets in the shrimps. (We soaked the shrimps briefly in water)
We have also phased out the other treats and he now only gets the shrimps as a "super reward".

We were happy to find a dry food variant from you and have already tested the venison with our last order.
We currently feed the little one three times a day as he is 7 months old.
He gets dry food at lunchtime as he is usually in the office with us.
This variant appeals to us completely, as we don't have open tins standing around in the office.
And for longer journeys we can simply offer the dry food variant and don't have to change meal times.

He loves it and we even have to make sure that he doesn't refuse your wet food.
Testing with moisturising dry food also worked really well.

With both products it has to be said that he has no bad breath or other vapours, he has no flatulence and visitors say that when you come into our home you can't tell that a dog lives here.

In addition, he doesn't tolerate chicken very well, so the venison variant is perfect.
He is neither tired nor overeaten and sluggish.
As I said, we are still trying out which of your foods is perfect for him, but shrimps and venison are at the top of the list.

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