Tick-free with Anizeck!

Dear Anifit Team,

Anizeck tick repellent has been our new daily companion for about 2 months now. We find it super practical because we can dose it ourselves and don't have to use it every day (e.g. when it's very cold or raining), which is unfortunately not possible with other products. What's more, it is the power of nature and not harmful to the dog. So far we haven't had any ticks on our Balou and hope it stays that way thanks to Anizeck. Balou is outside most of the day, guarding the house and yard, so the likelihood of catching a tick is very high, especially as we live in a rural area. Even a walk in the woods was "tick-free" for us.

We hope it stays that way in the future.
Best wishes from Bordercolli mix Balou and his family.

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